Federal Programs

Welcome to the Federal Programs Page. All students who attend Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections schools qualify for Title I-D (Neglected and Delinquent) funds. These funds help support our advanced opportunities, vocational education, and other transitional services to help our students be successful.

We also provide services for our students who English is his or her second language. If your child has been identified as a child who English is his or her second language, we will provide additional accommodations and supports so that he or she are successful in the classroom.

We are providing advanced courses for our students who are identified as gifted. Please check out our curriculum page for courses we provide.

For more information about these services, please review the documents on this page.

Title I, Part D Services Policy (513)

English Learner (EL) Services Policy (514)

State Department of Education – Federal Programs

State Department of Education – English Learner Program

State Department of Education – Gifted and Talented

State Department of Education – Homeless Children and Youths Program

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