Community, Operations, and Program Services (COPS) Division

“Together we are developing productive citizens in active partnership with communities.”

The Community, Operations, and Program Services (COPS) Division empowers communities, juveniles, and families to create a safer Idaho. The Division promotes hope through innovative community-based services to address individual and family needs. COPS works collaboratively with all Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) divisions, the Judiciary, county partners, education, law enforcement, providers, and community stakeholders. Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of Idaho by promoting an efficient and effective continuum of care that is customer-focused, collaborative, evidenced-based, and outcome driven.

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COPS is comprised of the following:

This unit is responsible for the delivery and oversight of funding to support local districts and tribes for behavioral health services in the juvenile justice system.  The Substance Use Disorder Services (SUDS) Program and the Community Based Alternative Services (CBAS) Program have been established to support these services.

COPS Project Manager works collaboratively with internal and external justice partners and community stakeholders to promote innovative and evidence-based solutions by planning, managing and implementing projects that produce statewide impact and continual enhancements to the Idaho juvenile justice system.

The District Liaisons are the link between the Department and the local community.  They assist counties with the management of pass-through funding for community programming and training.  The six liaisons respond to information requests related to juvenile justice and resource issues from the state legislators, county elected officials, probation and detention staff, and local community members.

POST is responsible for the training and certification of county juvenile probation and detention officers, and Department direct-care staff pursuant to administrative rules.

In partnership with the Juvenile Justice Commission, Planning and Compliance is responsible for the planning and distribution of state- and federally-funded grants, including Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Formula Grant, as well as other grants.  Additionally, the unit is responsible for federal compliance efforts to include certification of the county juvenile detention centers for compliance with state and federal standards.

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COPS Supervisory Team

Jason Stone

COPS Administrator

(208) 577-5444

Leahann Romero

COPS Administrator,
(208) 577-5414

Alicia Baptiste

District Liaison Supervisor

(208) 577-5443


Marissa Evans

Planning and Compliance Supervisor
(208) 577-5442


Kari Portales

Behavioral Health Program Manager

(208) 577-5100

To develop productive citizens in active partnership with communities

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