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The Planning and Compliance Unit at the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) supports the Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission in their efforts to help Idaho strengthen youth and families. The Planning and Compliance Unit can provide assistance to develop effective programming for youth in your community by providing referrals to potential funding sources, technical grant-writing assistance, programming guidance, and links to best practices and evidence-based approaches.

In order to receive federal grant funds, the state must comply with the core protection requirements of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). These core protections are:

A status offender is a juvenile charged with or who has committed an offense that would not be criminal if committed by an adult. Examples of status offenses are truancy, running away, violating curfew laws, or possessing tobacco. This JJDP Act requirement focuses on alternatives to placing juveniles into detention facilities for status offenses.

This requirement focuses on removing juveniles from adult jails and detention facilities.

This requirement ensures that juveniles are not detained or confined in any institution where they may have contact with adult inmates.

This requirement focuses on addressing and reducing racial and ethnic disparities within the juvenile justice system.


Idaho receives JJDP Act Title II Formula Grant funds annually, dependent on compliance with the core protections of the JJDP Act. The core protection requirements are tenets for basic professional practice throughout the country. It is incumbent upon all agencies and departments to assist the state in maintaining compliance, to assure safe and appropriate holding of juveniles, and to retain these funds for juvenile justice programming.

Idaho’s Compliance Monitor is required to conduct visits at all detention centers, jails, lockups, and court holding facilities in the state to ensure compliance with the JJDP Act. The Compliance Monitor is also available to assist agencies with issues involving the JJDP Act, as it relates to the secure detention of juveniles.

In addition, inspections of Idaho’s juvenile detention centers and reviews of Idaho’s juvenile probation departments are conducted to assess their compliance with state rules and standards.

For more information on monitoring compliance under the JJDP Act in Idaho, see the Idaho Compliance Monitoring Manual found here.

To view Idaho’s Statewide 3-year Plan for 2021-2023, click here.

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