Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission

The Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission (IJJC) serves as the state’s advisory group responsible for performing the duties required by the Federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor and are chosen from many fields, including local government, elected officials, juvenile justice professionals, judges, prosecutors, juveniles, business professionals, educators, youth and volunteers. The Juvenile Justice Commission is also the state Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition for Juvenile Accountability Block Grant (JABG) funds. The majority of the Formula Grant and JABG funds are passed through to local communities. The Commission, through its seven district councils, works with communities to help them assess needs and resources and develops an action plan identifying their specific needs. These action plans become the basis for Idaho’s Three-Year Plan.

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Juvenile Training Council

The Juvenile Training Council was established to develop requirements for juvenile probation and detention officer training. It is the advisory board to the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Council for certified basic training for county juvenile probation and detention officers as well as Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections’ direct care staff. The Juvenile Training Council develops program components and curriculum, sets training priorities and coordinates with POST for the training of juvenile justice officers throughout Idaho.

Custody Review Board

Under statute, juveniles committed to the Department have a maximum age of custody of 19 years, unless in the opinion of the Custody Review Board, an extended time in custody is needed for the juvenile to address issues of accountability, community protection, and competency. No juvenile can remain in custody past his or her 21st birthday. Four individuals who represent a variety of juvenile justice experiences and victim perspectives, or who are otherwise qualified, are appointed by the Director to make this determination.  Additionally, statute requires that the Board review the cases of juveniles that are in the custody of the Department for 18 consecutive months, regardless of age, to inform decisions on their continued custody.

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Idaho Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision

Idaho Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision (ICIJS) is an advocacy and advisory group for the Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ).

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