Video Visitation

The Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) has three corrections facilities, each located in a different region in the state of Idaho. Those locations are in Lewiston, Nampa, and St. Anthony. With the facilities being spread out around the state, it can make it difficult for families to visit their child and research has shown that family involvement while a child is in treatment can be very crucial to the success and amount of time a child remains in treatment.

The IDJC takes advantage of a cloud-based video communications service that connects many users across different devices, platforms, and conferencing programs.

The video communications technology connects families so everyone can participate in treatment and so that the child does not feel like they are separate and apart from their family during this time.  Each of the three facilities has the capability to offer video visitation using a camera and large screen.  Anyone trying to connect from outside the facility can do so by downloading the video communications application (App) to any smartphone or tablet with internet access.  When a meeting or visit is scheduled, you will receive instructions and a code, which allows anyone participating to join the meeting or visit.

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