Medical Services

The health of all juveniles committed to the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) is important to IDJC staff, families, and our juvenile justice partners. 

During every juvenile’s commitment they will receive a screening, health history review, and a physical when they are first committed and annually after that. 

Contract medical providers come to each state facility weekly. In addition, IDJC contracts with a psychiatrist and/or a physician assistant who specializes in psychiatry.  These professionals meet with juveniles and treatment team members, as needed, to meet juveniles’ mental health medication management needs.

IDJC works with local dentists and eye doctors near the facilities where juveniles are place to ensure their basic dental and vision needs are addressed.

In addition, the IDJC works with the Idaho Immunization Program to provide a full immunization program to the juveniles in our custody.  

All IDJC facilities have on-site licensed medical staff, supervised by Registered Nurses. When juveniles have medical concerns or questions, they have the opportunity to fill out a medical request. Licensed medical staff reviews these requests daily.  Licensed medical staff offers education and treatment interventions for the juveniles’ concerns.  When necessary, licensed medical staff schedule medical appointments with the appropriate provider to address medical concerns.    

All direct-care staff are trained in First Aid and CPR to attend to medical needs when licensed medical staff are not on site.  Licensed medical staff are available after-hours by phone, and, when necessary, for return to the facility.  IDJC also works with local hospitals as well as local medical specialists for evaluating emergent situations and provide such services as x-rays, CT scans, referral for specialty services and other health emergencies requiring in-depth intervention.

IDJC is committed to providing quality health care services to meet the needs of all juveniles in IDJC custody.

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