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Mastery Education

Expecting all children of the same age to learn from the same material is like expecting all children of the same age to wear the same size clothes. ~ Madeline Hunter

The Idaho State Department of Education explains Mastery as:

Student-centered learning:

  • Promotes high-quality standards, equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.
  • Empowers students to shape learning experiences that reflect their emerging sense of self and align with their interests and needs.
  • Enables students to build relationships, make well-informed decisions, and create strong connections across their learning experiences.
  • Ensures that ideas and theories from the classroom connect to students’ lived experiences and interests in their communities.

Mastery education gives students the chance to use meaningful content in ways that encourage deeper levels of learning so they acquire the knowledge, skills, and characteristics essential for success in a future we can only imagine. When students demonstrate that they are proficient under rigorous expectations, they take greater ownership and responsibility for learning. This helps educators and students eliminate false assumptions about learning that are associated with points, percentages, and grades. (, 2019)

At Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, we believe our students should be able to learn at their own pace. We provide small class sizes, individual learning plans, and a clear path to success. Our students work in small groups or individually to provide the student a safe and effective learning environment.

Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections – Accredited Secondary Schools

While the three secondary school campuses of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections are fully accredited through Cognia, the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections is currently in the process of seeking systems accreditation through Cognia. Please check back to see our progress through the systems accreditation process.

To develop productive citizens in active partnership with communities

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