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The Idaho Behavioral Health Council (IBHC) was established in 2020 through a partnership between the three branches of Idaho state government. Upon the implementation of the Council’s strategic plan, investments for behavioral health that aligned with the mission of the Council were recommended to Governor Little. The Idaho Legislature approved the proposals for increased resources as recommended by the IBHC, and Governor Little signed them into law. A supplemental of one-time funding of $6.5 million in FY 2023 will allow IDJC to establish youth assessment centers to connect youth & families with long term community-based resources within their area, thus preventing entrance or further entrance into the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. In an effort to align Assessment Center projects with evidence-based investments, IDJC has partnered with the National Assessment Center (NAC) Association. To learn more about this partnership, please visit the “Assessment Center Framework” tab below. 

In FY24, the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections was appropriated an additional $4.1 million to provide limited support to existing youth assessment centers to transition to Tier 2 (based on the National Assessment Center (NAC) Association framework) sites as well as to increase their service capacity. In addition, these funds will be used to support the replication of these services into rural areas across the state. An additional grant opportunity will be announced shortly.  Stay tuned for updates!


In the Spring of 2022, Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections partnered with the National Assessment Center (NAC) Association to ensure grant projects established under this funding are evidence-based investments.  “The National Assessment Center Association (NAC) guides a partnership of assessment centers that advance best-practice through advocacy, education, technical assistance, and community engagement.”

The Assessment Center Framework

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