Parents & Victims

Community Healing

Idaho Juvenile Justice wants to help victims heal and to provide juveniles the chance to repair the harm they have caused. Other community members who have been affected are also included so that victims and communities can feel safe.

Those responsible for causing harm are held accountable. They are helped to better understand the enormous impact their actions have had on others. They learn what empathy and reconciliation mean by actively working to repair the harm they have caused and to restore a sense of safety to individuals and communities. These steps also help strengthen our response to crime and wrong doing. 

There are a variety of methods that seek to achieve these goals. Victim Panels, Mediation, Restorative Conferencing, Peace Making Circles and Restorative Community Service are examples of how our victims and communities can begin to heal. These options aim to help victims, communities and offenders deal with the harm that was done. They can also provide the opportunity for closure and, in some instances emotional healing that typically does not happen in the court process or other related system services.

Opportunities to restore and repair can be provided through local, county or state services. These do not replace court processes, but instead can be added to our traditional court procedures bringing better outcomes for those directly affected by juvenile wrongdoing and crime.