Sharon Harrigfeld, Director


The leadership team and I wish to honor and to acknowledge the work of the many dedicated staff who every day deal with the challenges of working with juveniles committed to the Department’s custody.
Every day, twenty-four hours a day, Department staff work hard to keep juveniles in state facilities safe, sometimes putting their own safety at risk to do so. Every day IDJC staff outside of the state facilities work equally hard to keep juvenile families involved in treatment, to respect the needs of victims and communities, and to maintain key partnerships with the courts, county juvenile justice staff, with schools and with other service agencies, recognizing and valuing the family and community partnerships that create change.
We want to thank the state facility staff who pay attention to behaviors and situations that might escalate. They invest their energy in helping individual juveniles better manage their anger, fear and frustration so that others stay safe. They share critical information with each other and help each other maintain appropriate balance in meeting the needs of the juveniles that they serve. Facility staff do these things as a foundation to their jobs as teachers, nurses, line staff, counselors, supervisors, maintenance, cooks, support staff or administrators.
We want to thank the staff inside and outside of the state facilities who gather essential information about each juvenile’s risks and needs and use this information to build service plans. They deliver important services or arrange for services for juveniles and their families. These staff track each juvenile’s progress and report on that progress to community partners. The goal of all of this work is to address juvenile accountability back to the community and victims; to overcome skills deficits; and ultimately to build safer communities.
We want to thank those other staff, at District Offices, Headquarters, and POST who dedicate their full effort to training Department and county staff; to providing resources to the community; to maintaining effective partnerships with stakeholders; and to assuring that professional standards are followed. And we want to thank those dedicated fiscal, human resources, legal and other administrative staff throughout our Department who work diligently to provide the resources needed to accomplish our goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.
All of us who work for the Department want to acknowledge and to publicly thank our colleagues and co-workers who dedicate themselves to service with professionalism.